aiKonnector makes using ChatGPT easy

Use ChatGPT everywhere you work including search engines, to write emails, and on any website

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Context (right-click) menu

Right-click the selected text and use any of your custom defined prompts

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Use ChatGPT to compose email for you, populating the body and subject automatically

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Supplement Search (Google, Bing)

Display ChatGPT results next to your search engine results (Google, Bing…)

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Use ChatGPT from the Omnibox (address bar) by typing “ai” then space/tab and your prompt.

Learn how to use ai with us

Grow with us on this journey into the future where we co-work with ai. Join the youtube to access new videos on how to use ai and make it easy to use day to day.

Improve your productivity and get things done

ai is the most advanced productivity tool. Learn to get things done faster and more efficiently.

Secure your data

aiKonnector does NOT access a third party website, and sends your data DIRECTLY to ChatGPT.


I really like this extension. It’s awesome having the power of CHATGPT at your fingertips like this! Kudos to the developers!

Mitchell Patterson


Just makes it easier to use ChatGPT without new interface.

Shane Losi


Helps me learn ChatGPT, the browser extension is always available via right-click… so makes me use ChatGPT more.

Sam Aferwork

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